Thursday, June 29, 2017
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Social media scheduling tools: Buffer vs Hootsuite

Productivity is one of the hardest things each freelancer learns. Good thing - there are many helpful tools out there who will help you...

Web design trends from 2016

Design world is constantly changing, growing and becoming even more amazing with each day. It's impossible to catch up with everything that's happening! In the same time, there are some trends that you should be aware of. Some of them are following us from 2015. Others are fresh-in. Take a look!

What to do in Facebook groups + Group guide

If you're a creative entrepreneur of any kind, being a part of a Facebook group is a trend. But what's the point if you really have no idea what you should do there and how can it help you? Here's a simple guide on how to get successful with Facebook groups. 

Honest review + List of amazing FB groups included! 

Digital nomad stories

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What exactly is location independent lifestyle? & Will it work for...

Being location independent is becoming a trendy thing. But do we all fully understand what the hell is that?! In this article, I'll be...

Online career growth: How to be more successful freelancer?

Here we meet again - covering the topic that has many variables to discuss before getting into it. But I'll keep it simple! Let's...

Lessons I learned while creating my first online course

Several months ago I got my hands on something completely new for me: online course creation process! It was a crazy ride but I learned A LOT. And although this course didn't really go through as I planned, I believe that lessons I learned will help me not only for my next courses but also will be a great insight for you!

You’ve decided to become a digital nomad… now what?!

Welcome to my new blog post series for aspiring digital nomads! "Headstart to digital nomadism" will be monthly series sharing with you actual tips...

Transition from side hustling to full time freelancing

You've been willing to start freelancing for some time but it never feels like the right time? You feel like you're lacking a knowledge...

Useful apps for freelancers

Yes, I know what you're thinking. There are way too many apps out there! And although most of them are really amazing and give you...