New beginning: The Random Passion project



I’ve been having my website,, for more than 2 years already. It’s time for some updates and changes! And here’s the story I want to share…

New beginning: The Random Passion project

It’s been a bit more than two years since the website was made. It was born in January 2015, and it was a wonderful time in my life when I decided to pursue my random passion – freelancing.

That was when I started building a freelancing career and decided to become a digital nomad. Working while traveling was all that got me excited. Is there ANYTHING more amazing than lifestyle like this?! Not for me!

So I built my freelance design & digital marketing career. I changed my focus often not because I felt lost but because that was fun. I liked working with various clients, offering all kinds of design services as well as help with digital marketing, social media and so on.

And then came a time, a year later, when I suddenly realized – I want to help others to do the same! Long story short – my idea failed. Mostly, because I was still cluttered and I didn’t have a clear idea of what EXACTLY I was going for, I was trying to do everything at once and although I kind of enjoyed working for 16 hours daily, it was a bit too much for me to handle.

So, eventually, I got back to freelancing. It was working for me and I got back to a normal lifestyle that didn’t include being a total workaholic (just a little bit).

But recently I decided to get back to that passion project – helping others.

I got my hands back on what I started a year ago and already knew that I’ll have to get my priorities clear if I want for this to work. I tried to figure out WHAT are my priorities and what’s gonna go. It’s not the easiest decision if you’ve worked your butt off to build the lifestyle you like.

And then came a day like this. When it literally just hit me.

“Therandomp Design” now is reborn as “Therandomp – Passion searchers”.

The Random Passion project that will talk to all of you who are willing to build their freelancing careers, be location independent and explore digital nomad lifestyle. It will be all about me helping you to pursue YOUR true passion. So how are these changes going to affect anything?

– First of all, I’m switching my main focus from design to helping others.
– I’m finally going to utilize my Facebook page. I’ll post weekly inspiration stories, blog posts that will help you out when starting and stories about the direction Therandomp is going.
–  Here you’ll be able to read my blog posts for new freelancers & digital nomads, it will gather tons of useful information and my own experiences that you can use for your business creation process.
– I will also finally launch my online course for new freelancers that will be available real’ soon!
– I’ll get way more active on Instagram and you’ll be able read my own stories there so hit a follow:

Starting from here on, will gather resources for freelancers, digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs. Cheers to that!


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