DNS #9:: Sarah Reichenbach “The only routine we have is to eat, enjoy, sleep, repeat!”


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Hoi! I’m Sarah,

one-half of the traveling couple that forms Coddiwompling. My story doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense but feels very logical to me. I have a Bachelor in Art and Technology and left most of my belongings in a storage unit in my home country of the Netherlands right after graduating. There was no plan, no end date, no back-up, just a backpack and an urge to do something. Now I’m a snowboard teacher and do other odd jobs abroad while traveling the world, together with my Czech love and partner-in-crime Ludek. We recently started a blog and are trying to take the whole nomad thing to the digital level.


What’s your normal daily routine?

One of the main reasons for choosing this lifestyle is that there is no daily routine. I get bored easily and like to change my surroundings to prevent that from happening. We get jobs for a couple of months at places that seem nice, rent apartments there and have quite normal lives while making new plans, then pack our bags and leave again. We are winter-sport-instructors so we have some months filled with teaching, mountains and snow. We try to visit friends and family back home twice a year. Then there are months where we go low-budget backpacking, changing places every couple of days and getting to know new countries through local food and transport. Odd jobs that somehow come up fill the gaps that are left, both time- and money-wise.

The only routine we have is to eat, enjoy, sleep, repeat 😉

Digital Nomad story #9:: Sarah Reichenbach "The only routine we have is to eat, enjoy, sleep, repeat!"

What’s your least favorite part about of being a nomad?

Most of my friends have started careers, houses and families by now. I miss celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, births. Also, I miss just going over to a friend or my parents for a glass of wine and ending up staying for dinner. I miss having my own things around me, a home to go back to, the opportunity to have a dog. Sometimes I am sick of all the moving around, but until I find the perfect place to stay, I refuse to go ‘back home’ just because that’s the option I know best. And it sounds totally gross and cliche, but Ludek makes me feel at home no matter where we are.


What are the hardest things to keep up with while being a nomad?

My medical conditions (Crohn’s disease and Reumathoid Arthritis) can make all this moving around quite hard at times. I have a wonderful team of doctors in Holland that take great care of me and help me with the difficulties that sometimes come up. The hardest thing was to go abroad for a long period the first time, because nobody could predict how my body would react to changes in for medication, diet and climate. Luckily I have been doing very good so far!

And on the up-side, it makes basic stuff like keeping up with anti-conception and dental care seem very straightforward.


What’s the biggest misconception people have about nomads?

That we are on one big holiday. I might not work as many hours as most other people but make a lot less money too, so that’s just a decision and matter of priorities. But there is the fact that we have to find a new job, house and people to hang out with every time we move. If you’ve done just one of those things recently, you probably realise the stress that can come with it, let alone all of it at once, every couple of months.


Many people are afraid of never being able to settle down after being nomads. Have you experienced these feelings and what is your cure for them?

At the moment I am perfectly happy with my life. To be honest I think I won’t slowly grow into wanting a more permanent place to stay but just wake up one day and decide that it’s time. That is scary, because we are with two people and it’s basically a matter of luck if this moment will come around the same time for the both of us. What’s coming will come, and we’ll meet it when it does.In the mean

In the meantime, I think we may count ourselves lucky to have found someone who wants the same lifestyle.

Digital Nomad story #9:: Sarah Reichenbach "The only routine we have is to eat, enjoy, sleep, repeat!"

What’s your vision of the future and do you have any long-term plans on your mind?

Our plans change quite often, but at the moment we’re dreaming of one day buying some land, building our own mud-house to live in and starting a guesthouse/campsite with both personal and communal areas. Maybe a yurt as dorm-room. Some huts to rent out, a big shared living room, I could teach some English or yoga. Make basic but fresh food. I would love to start a family, have some dogs and chickens, make a vegetable-garden and be as self-sufficient as possible (without wanting extremes). When the time comes, you are all invited!


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