How to start freelancing: step-by-step guide to building your empire


So you have an idea… and even more important – you have a DREAM. That’s huge! And you should go for it, no doubts! BUT… How to do that? There are several steps you’ll have to go through to get your freelancing up and running, but that’s why I’m here to help you out! Step-by-step guide on how to start freelancing!

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There are tons of resources out there that will tell you all about the right ways how to start freelancing. But you know what’s the only right way to do it? By actually starting!



Your vision is your WHY. Why do you want to become a freelancer? HOW do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? Is freelancing really HOW you can reach your vision? Or is it just a skill that can help you?

Freelancing is a great way to choose for those who are dreamers and doers. Typical freelancer has TONS of ideas, but even more – passion. Passion for making them happen! In the same time, a typical freelancer has easy going personality and wise mind. This person knows what he or she wants and how to get there! Do you have your vision set? Do you want to be free from your 9-to-5 office job? Or spend more time with your family and friends? Maybe you want your word to be well known? Whatever that is – it is YOUR VISION. And you have to cherish it because we’re taking it to the next step…


For your vision to happen, you actually have to have an idea. An idea about HOW are you going to make that vison to happen! Have you already created your roadmap? Do you know each next step you’re going to take?

The idea is important. It gives you plan about how to get things done! There is this saying “There are no ideas too big, there are just minds too small” and that is TOTALLY right! You can to whatever you set your mind on. Even if at first seems like something huge and impossible. Everything IS possible!

Therefore build your idea. Are you going to become freelancer by practicing more your own projects? Will you look for new clients outside your workplace? Are you willing to just make that jump and do it? Whatever is your idea about how you will make that vision to happen – DO IT! And let’s learn to do it further on…

How to start freelancing: step-by-step guide to building your empire


You might not know what’s waiting for you around the next corner, where will your passion take you, what options will find you and what will be your response to life challenges. But you have to be sure about how you want your business to happen! Things change, we all know that, but good freelancer will thrive only with dedication!



So you have some ideas, right? For example, you are willing to become a freelance web developer. Therefore you should learn coding if you haven’t yet, or most likely – polish up your knowledge, if you already have one. Then you will want to code. For your private clients, startups, big corporations? For huge projects or small? Start out slow or fast? And what’s next in your vision? Will it be your own company? One man show?

Outline your ideas whatever they are! And it doesn’t matter how far are they going. Each idea matters! Later on, you will have something to hold on to.



Once again – things CAN change and you can change your schedule or ideas along the way, but it is super important to know the exact direction you’re going and a path you’re taking.

Create YOUR schedule. What works the best for your vision and your abilities? Don’t create it how it should be or how everyone else would like to see it. Will it take a week or 3 months to come up with a legit website for your business? Are you going to spend time for community building before getting to service providing? For a month of half year? Will you take on this job as your side hustle for two months or two years? It ALL depends on you!

But it doesn’t matter how long is your plan and how far in the future you see yourself. You have get clear about these things before starting.



You have it all, your vision, your idea, your outline AND your actual plan and schedule. Are you ready to start? You should be! And start just one step at a time.

Many new freelancers are rushing it. And rushing it way too fast. You CAN hope that you will make $2000 your first freelancing month, but you have to be honest with yourself – most likely it won’t happen. Stay positive, but keep a realistic view, so you don’t feel drained before the real deal starts!

Follow your plan, re-read it each morning to set your goals straight, remind yourself WHY you started it and see that vision in front of your eyes, because that’s you, right there! If just takes one step at a time…

The more time you spend for one task that’s on your list, more confident you will feel when moving forward. If you’re willing to take on client job, build community, create infoproduct and be present in Facebook groups all at once, you will crush harder than you can imagine. One person can take on A LOT, but there’s downslide in each ride and you have to have some energy reserves when that time comes!



Previously mentioned step-by-step approach is great not only because it will keep you sane, but also because it will let you be consistent! And consistency is what brings the best results to literally ANY freelancing business there is. Consistency will let your clients know what are they up to, it will build schedule in your reader minds when they can check in for a new post, it will make people remember you and talk about you, come back again, again and… again!

Creating content regularly is a great way to build a reputation and drive traffic to your site. You should think about consistency instead of thinking about numbers and fast results! The best thing you can do to start freelancing is simply establishing a goal. Whether it’s writing two blog posts a week, sending out stated number of pitch e-mails, or maybe it’s to post a design to your portfolio. Whatever is your choice – set it straight and stick with it!



After consistency comes growth, future plans and business improvements. Whenever you have done something for a while already, it asks to be polished up at least a bit. Whether we’re talking about your knowledge, your tools, inspiration or anything other related to your business.

Don’t forget to learn new things once in a while. Read some books and get to know your field better, maybe even offer new services or products. And there’s no shame in admitting that you’re growing, learning something new and aiming for more! Only those who grow will succeed! Like Salvador Dali once said ”Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it!”. The same goes for learning. Don’t be afraid to learn too much, you will never know enough.

Also, growth is a great way to establish new goals. That’s one of the freelancer perks: you can create your own goals, reach out for them and they will never be too big or too far, because, hei, everything IS possible! Go ahead and start freelancing today!

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Lisa! I’m happy you found this useful. I wish you the best luck in your new journey! 🙂



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