Is location independence your dream? It’s your time to start freelancing!


There has never been a better time to get into freelancing. If location independence is your dream then freelancing is your best bet ever! I’m a passionate freelancer myself and recently I’ve worked with many aspiring freelancers, helping them to get their careers going. So now I’m here to offer you an exact guide to profitable freelancing, step by step!

No matter what’s your case, freelancing is a completely accessible field to anyone. Although the most common freelancers are creatives – designers, developers, artists, writers, etc. – there are many freelancing fields out there that many of us can’t even imagine. So I’m pretty sure – whatever is your deal, you CAN get into freelancing in one way or another as long as you’re interested in all the perks this kind of lifestyle offers.


What you really need to start freelancing?

These days, the whole fuss of freelancing is made overly complicated with tons of advice coming from all around. How to understand, what the hell you need to start freelancing after all?! So here are the very basics you should be aware of:

  1. Find or learn a skill you can sell online.
  2. Create your offer.
  3. Establish your online presence.
  4. Get jobs.
  5. Start working!

Start getting freelance income as soon as next month!

Online course for aspiring freelancers "Ready... Set... Start freelancing!"

“Ready… Set… Start freelancing!”

It might seem way too easy but the truth is – there are pretty simple and strategic steps you need to take to start freelancing. And this is where I step in! I’ve created an online course for aspiring freelancers “Ready… Set… Start freelancing!”. In this course, I explain each one of these steps in detail so you can start freelancing as soon as you are ready.

Within 4 modules and 12 (+upcoming) lessons of the course, I guide you, step by step, through everything that’s necessary to start freelancing and grow your income online.

RSSF Lessons

– Intro
– Business plan
– Offer & pricing
– Branding
– Website & content
– Planning & organizing
– Getting clients
– (BONUS – coming soon) Legalities
– Social media
– Content marketing
– E-mail marketing
– (BONUS – coming soon) SEO & Website optimization

In this content-packed course, I’m leading you through all the most important things to learn and put into action before you can start freelancing full-speed. I can’t guarantee you jobs right after finishing the course but I can guarantee you all the necessary knowledge to participate in successful online job interviews, to get clients interested in your offer and to provide all the value you can to whoever hires you for a project or a long-term deal.

This course gathers all of my knowledge and experience in freelancing. Once I started, I learned it all on my own by reading, practicing, watching videos, reevaluating what I’ve done, getting feedback from my clients, getting and losing jobs. It’s been a wild ride for me but I know that it can be much easier for you!

I’m very interested in providing all the value you might need and giving you one-on-one advice if necessary!

Enroll in the course today and get:

– Full & unlimited access to all the current lessons
– Full & unlimited access to all the upcoming lessons
– FREE Bonus follow-up course due Jan 2018

You still don’t feel like getting all the value you might need?


Here’s what my previous students have to say:

Before I started this course, I had some very basic knowledge about freelancing. This course really opened my eyes on what it actually means to be a full-time freelancer. The course covered all the topics I wanted to know about freelancing and even more. After it, I feel that I have enough knowledge to dive in the freelancing with a confidence!” – Santa Grinina, Illustrator, Born.Saint

I absolutely love the content and the PDF! I found it very useful. For example, I love the way the course starts building your confidence and encourage you to get out there. I feel more comfortable with what I want and how I want to achieve it. The content is great and the course is really inspiring! I can’t wait to start working!” – Mariana Diaz Montiel, Freelance writer & translator, Website // Twitter

Ready… Set… Start Freelancing course is a great beginner course if you are thinking of becoming a freelancer. Ieva is very knowledgeable on the subject and provides a lot of useful tips and information to get you started. I especially liked how there was both an audio and visual presentation provided.” – Emanda Gauthier

I’ll be happy to see you over and let me know if you have any questions! START HERE.

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