Google Adsense for bloggers: learn to make money with ads


I know how you feel! I once was there too. When I first opened Google Adsense, I had just a vague idea of how this thing works. Not to mention that I was a pretty much dumbass in any Google ”thing”, including Google Analytics.

Therefore I’m here to bring you some useful information about what’s the most optimal way to use Google Adsense for bloggers. I don’t have long time experience and an unbelievable success story about this, no. But I do have some experience while trying to understand, what’s happening. So behave yourself – the truth is coming!


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Google Adsense for bloggers: learn to make money with ads

Why would you need Google AdSense

Let me stop you right there. You don’t need it. BUT. If you’re looking for a way to monetize your blog, Google Adsense could be the first step to take. It will bring ads to your website and you’ll get some revenue for each click. Will you get your first million this way? I don’t think so. But you can surely get some additional coffee money!

There’s a surprisingly small amount of information that’s meant for bloggers and this Google Ad option. When I first wrote “Google Adsense for Bloggers” in the search field, I literally find everything, but what I was looking for. But I have to admit – some of the things that I learned while searching this topic, I had no idea about. And you might be in a similar position.


How to get your application approved

Yes, this is right. Not everyone gets the option to be a part of this Google phenomenon. But why so? See, as you might have heard, Google is pretty impressive and smart engine that wants to cooperate with impressive and smart people (as in – their websites). Therefore you have to get your website together before diving into all this.

1. Provide useful, informative and interesting content. This doesn’t mean that you have to write posts you’re not interested in or have to change your field of interest. No. But that means that you have to write more than once in a month, you have to be active and create useful blog posts with more than 1000 words per each.

2. Create Contact me and About me pages. Yes, that’s right. Google wants to know how to contact you and who you are, after all, if it will need to cooperate with you. This might not be an issue in all cases, but let’s be honest – most websites should have this info anyways.

3. Be aware of your design. You might think that your website is your castle and you can do whatever. But Google disagrees with you on this one. Your website should have an appropriate design. No, there are not guidelines for this, but it should be easy to understand and without useful expressions (as super colorful banner all over your screen).

4. Complete your profile in Google. This might seem obvious, but not everyone manages to do so. You have to complete your Google profile to be able to apply for Google Adsense. What does that mean? It means to fill out all the necessary info forms. It’s that simple!

Step-by-step guide to Google AdSense

You might find a lot of topics about how to get started on Google Adsense, but I’ll try to lead you through the simplest path possible. So let’s say – you’re a blogger and your application is approved, what to do next, to get your ads going?

  1. Go to Start and sign in.
  2. The Home section will be an empty nest for you at this point, so you just have to get it started by going to My Ads and clicking on New Ad Unit.
  3. There will be a variety of sizes offered for you and I’d suggest to chose something that fits your blog. My favorites are medium rectangles on my sidebar or large mobile banners in my posts. Since I have a small sidebar, medium rectangle fits there perfectly. I’ve been using Leaderboard size for my footer, but I found out that it stretches the page in mobile view, therefore I got rid of it. (Any solutions?)
  4. When you’ve chosen your size, choose the Type of your ad that’s Text or Photo, or both. I have both and that’s the most popular choice.
  5. And then you have the option to choose your ad style!

Afterward, it’s all set and good to go. What to do when you’ve received your Google Adsense code? It’s time to implement it somewhere! Will it be your blog sidebar? Footer? About me page? Whatever fits your needs and willingness.

For Squarespace users: you can take the code and using Code Content Block add it anywhere. You might not see it at first (or at all, if you have AdBlock yourself), but it’ll start to work in around an hour or bit more. Just remember to first delete what’s in the Code Content Block written already. If you’re willing to center your ad, you can add < center > (without spaces) before all of that code and < / center > behind that code!

Later on, you can always take a look at all your ads in the same section My Ads. Where there is an option to hide them, get the code once again, see reports, etc.


What you need to know about Google AdSense

Section “Performance reports” is the place where you see how things are happening. So what do all those words mean and where you should be looking?

Google Adsense vocabulary:

Estimated earnings is something you’re looking forward to getting! That’s the final number of all those ads. (Behave yourself, it could be pretty sad to see it in the first few weeks or even months).

Page views is all about how many times that page has been seen. It is not the count of people, but the overall times, even if someone has made half of it by reading your post 10 times a day.

Page impressions are Ad impressions. And what does that mean? It means that if you have more than 1 ad on that page, the number will be growing by the count of your ads. This number is the same as your Page views if you only have one ad, bigger than that – if more.

Clicks show how many people have clicked on the ads they have seen. (I have to be honest, most people are not into that clicking thing….)

Page RPM is revenue per thousand views. Impression RPM is revenue per thousand impressions. It’s calculated like this: Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000 and in general doesn’t mean much to you at this point.

Active View Viewable is the percentage of impressions that were viewable out of all measurable impressions. What does that mean in human language? I have no idea.


Additional tips

Additional perks I’ve found out about while being a blogger myself. The only thing you can do to make sure – try them out, to know, what’s working for you!

1. Use ads in your blog posts. Don’t force it! But you can use an option to put one add in some of your most popular posts! How can you do that? Just add that code in your post!

2. Link Analytics and Adsense. Won’t get into Google Analytics, since I’m still feeling blindfolded around that section, but it’s important to link them! That will give you more insight of what’s happening with those ads. Read on how to do it here.

3. Try all kinds of ads to find out what’s working the best for your audience! Research can say a lot, but they don’t know you and your readers.

4. More is not always better. As I just said before – don’t force it! One add could be just enough to get that money going. By putting ads right after each of your text blocks, it will look like you’re there just to fill your wallet. Not cool!



Google Adsense is a thing, yes. You can earn some money with that, yes. Will you succeed without any readers? Most likely not. Can you do something about it? You can increase your follower base. But what else…

The thing is – you get what you work for. And things do take time. If you’re passionate about what you do and it’s not all about the money, you have the option to succeed! But money (unfortunately) is not growing in trees. And Google Adsense, just like anything in this world, takes some dedication from you to make yourself happy. So just go for it and try it out!



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      Good luck!


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