10 different ways to earn income as a digital nomad


Being a digital nomad is “the perfect” lifestyle: you’re location independent, can travel as much as you please, you don’t have to go to an office and beach is on your daily to-do list. But being a digital nomad still is a very hard work! And many don’t even know where to start. That’s why I’ve gathered 10 different ways how you can earn income while being a digital nomad.

I have a very wide range of experience since I’ve worked in different fields and tried out different ways to earn income as a digital nomad. I just like experimenting! What has worked the best for me? Freelancing & blogging. What will work the best for you? It depends on many, many aspects but first and foremost – your interests and skills! With this list, I hope to inspire your location independence and motivate you to consider different approaches before you find your perfect way!

10 different ways to earn income as a digital nomad

10 various ways to earn income as a digital nomad

METHOD #1 Freelancing

Great for you if:
– you have any skills you can sell online
– you’re interested in learning new skills
– you’re comfortable in front of your laptop (and you have one)

I started digital nomadism while being a freelance graphic designer. I’ve talked a lot about freelancing, including several of my previous articles:

If you’re interested in freelancing, it’s important to spot the skills you could sell online. Most of us already have some! For example, you might be tech-savvy, inspirational writer or digital marketing guru. Whatever is your field (or dream) – it’s not as hard to get it going as you might think.

If you're interested in freelancing, it's important to spot the skills you could sell online. Click To Tweet

The fastest and easiest way to get started as a freelancer is to search online job boards. Here you can learn more about Upwork, find a remote job or find the job in Facebook groups.

The baseline is – find a profitable skill you have or you’d like to learn and just get it going.

If you’re ready to start freelancing NOW and would like a guide through the whole process, you’re welcome to join “Ready… Set… Start freelancing!” online course for aspiring freelancers!


METHOD #2 Affiliate marketing

Great for you if:
– you love writing
– you’re interested in more passive income
– you’re ready to sell
– you have some marketing skills (or interest to learn them)

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog and bring in a passive income. At the same time… Blog monetization definitely is a hard way to earn income as a digital nomad.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog and bring in a passive income. Click To Tweet

It’s fun but it’s a long-term deal you’re signing up for. No blog has grown within a day. It takes a lot of writing, strategical thinking and patience to monetize your blog effectively.

The most important part of blog monetization, as it’s seen in this sample, would be the traffic. Therefore, it’s important to write compelling, creative and very informative blog posts people will be interested in. Then, you have to find a trustful source of income and make sure to improve your content and traffic each day.

Read more tips about affiliate marketing over here.

If you’ve started blogging, one of the most important things is to STAY CONSISTENT. Decide on one or several topics tailored to your audience interest, write weekly, share on social media, use unusual ways to promote your blog and KEEP GOING. It’s a matter of time and dedication!


METHOD #3 Online courses

Great for you if:
– you have a lot of knowledge you’d love to share
– you’re interested in building connections online
– you’re ready to work on a long-term business plan

Online course creation is one of the most effective ways to earn income as a digital nomad, besides that – it’s a rather passive way to do that, once the job is done! If you have any skills someone might find useful, creating an online course could be one of the best ideas to grow your income with!

If you have any skills someone might find useful, creating an online course could be one of the best ideas to grow your income! Click To Tweet

When thinking about the topic of your course – be brave! Your skills don’t have to be online based only! It can be cooking, photography, editing, fast reading, painting or couch design…

But, first, you should note – online course creation doesn’t stop once your course is ready. In this process, you should also include all the related marketing: how people will get to know about it? How will people trust you and your knowledge? This can include blogging, email marketing, social media, videos, Facebook group creation and so much more!

If you’re thinking about online course creation, I suggest starting with a free course on Teachable just to get around the idea of how the whole thing happens, what are the details you’d need and how to make it all happen. Getting started is the key! Don’t overthink and don’t over-plan. Done is better than perfect.

If you’re already thinking about this, you can join me in a 4-day free guide “From Freelancing To Passive Income” where I’ve shared tips on how to make your online course and where to get started!


METHOD #4 E-commerce

Great for you if:
– you have a product to sell online or the idea for it
– you’re a hands-on person with the interest to take charge
– you’re a rather slow traveler

Etsy is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for new, small or rather home-made businesses but it doesn’t really matter what is your field – e-commerce is an option as long as you create (mostly) physical products.

A thing to note before getting attached to this idea: this definitely is not one of the most efficient ways to earn income as a digital nomad. Very often it’s easier to run an e-commerce shop if you’re located in one place. For example, if you’re sewing bags for millennials, it might be hard to travel while doing that. But I have decided to include this option because everything is possible! There are many people who ARE traveling AND have an e-commerce business. So don’t give up on this idea if you have it!

That’s also one of the most important things to consider: is your e-commerce idea flexible enough to get with you on the road? Will you be able to travel with all you might need? Also, keep in mind the other part of the story: how much you actually want to travel? Maybe you’d prefer nomading in one spot for several years? If so, having an e-commerce shop wouldn’t be a problem at all!

Besides Etsy, there are many other platforms who offer you the option to sell your products. There’s also an amazing group of Etsy sellers where you can get some motivation and inspiration.

You can also build your own shop. It’s not as hard as it might seem! For that, you’d need Siteground hosting, WordPress website and WooCommerce plugin. Voila! Of course, the whole setup asks for a bit more time than this… But it’s so worth it!

If you decide to go this path, you also should keep in mind the marketing aspect of the business. Creating a product and having a shop is one thing while getting is SOLD is another. I’m not into e-commerce myself so I don’t have much of a practical marketing advice here but I know that there are many different ways to go. The first can be a beautiful Instagram profile for the shop!

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  1. Wow these are awesome tips! & I’m loving the word ‘digital nomad.’ I’ve honestly never heard it before! These tips are super helpful and I’m definitely going to save this and also share it with others! (:

  2. Hi Ieva! Do I have to download the freebie to get the rest of the 10 methods? (Only 4 shown here).
    Also, regarding e-commerce: since creating/producing your own product can be difficult and time-consuming, you can always create an e-commerce store in which the fulfillment is taken care of by drop-shippers or a fulfillment center (re-sell items that you buy wholesale). Then, you just have to manage the web-hosting/design, marketing, and customer service.


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