Is your creative business stuck? Here’s what you can do!


At some point, everyone of us is experiencing that moment in life (and more importantly – in work) when somehow… you’ve got nothing to do. Especially, you might be experiencing these feelings if you’re a freelancer or online business owner. These things just happen! And if your creative business is stuck, it’s time to do something useful you never have time for!

First of all, it’s important to understand that we all experience these times and feelings when it seems like nothing is happening as it should be.

Lack of email answers from your potential new clients, unpaid invoices, bad mood, no inspiration, no motivation… After all, it might even get a bit boring when there are no clients around!

Is your creative business stuck? Here's what you can do!

Is your creative business stuck? Here’s what you can do!

Here are just some of the ideas you can work on when your business is a bit stuck…



I bet – in a daily life you don’t have time for your own projects. Do you? Well, you’re one lucky bastard then! But if you’re like most of the freelancers – you tend to forget about what was important for yourself in the first place. Widen your horizons and take on a new project – adjust your homepage, make a new newsletter, create a new portfolio design. Taking on your own project can be an amazing experience for your business!



Your Twitter bio, Facebook information, blog “About me” page, email signature – those are the small things that tend to be forgotten in daily rush, while they’re still really important. Take your time and review them! Add new and topical information, delete useless facts, improve!



I’m abnormally excited about reading and I LOVE it. No. I actually adore it. I fall for it every-damn-time. And more. But the thing with me is – in a daily life, I can rarely find any time to actually read. I’ve started a new habit of reading while eating my breakfast (I’m just super proud of it so I had to share!) But, unfortunately, there’s rarely any time when I can spend an hour or two reading my books and articles I’ve gathered on Pocket.

It’s scientifically proven that whatever you’re reading, it’ll increase… Well… A lot of amazing things! Including your inspiration, motivation, creativity. So read whenever you have some time for that!



Whether you have or don’t have Pinterest, StumbeUpon, Behance, Twitter (yeah, those are my links, so let’s connect!!) or any other visually inspiring account, you should get on that! You might find yourself thinking that it is a waste of time, but, first of all, if you don’t have anything better to do, you won’t be doing anything super useful anyways AND secondly – it is NOT a waste of time. Inspiration is an important part for any creative business owner.



I don’t have a daily time for all these kinds of analytics the online world offers and I bet you don’t have either. And there are a lot! For almost any social networking account you’ll find personalized analytics. Whenever you have nothing to do is the best time to get into them and research!

You will have the option to improve your connections, get to know your clients and community better and also – come up with new strategies, ideas and who knows – maybe start to reach out for the audience that you’ve never thought about before!



I have love-hate relationships with Facebook groups. I do love them! But I can’t stand how much time they can take. And networking in these groups can be really important if you’re a creative business owner! Here I’ve written a blog post on how to get around Facebook groups, in case you decide to join the madness.

These groups can help you not only to find new clients but also to create a great dose of amazing connections with other people in your field, find help and advice and just chat! So use the option and check them out!



Inbox Zero is a thing! And if you don’t have time on a daily basis to keep your mailbox clean – do it when your business is a bit lazy… Delete unnecessary emails, answer to those who’ve been waiting for months, CHECK YOUR SPAM! some treasure emails might hide there. Oh, also, spend some time to unsubscribe from things you’re no longer interested in!



Many bloggers are very open minded about having guest bloggers on their blog. It’s not only a great way to show your expertise for a completely another audience but also – to create some links back to your website and help your creative business website rank higher!

P.S. That Goddamn Owl – my creative media agency – is open for guest bloggers as well!


What are your favorite ways to make your spare time more productive? Would love to widen my list!



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