Why changes are good for your business


Many business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers are afraid of business changes. They don’t think that they should change their business name, their website design, their service descriptions. They’re even afraid to change their Twitter profile picture because people won’t recognize them anymore… Do you feel like one of them? Join the club! & This time I’ll explain you why it is GOOD to change!

Why business changes are good for your success and sanity

So you have an established business. Whether you’ve been working for a year or 5 years, people recognize you (maybe or maybe not), they know your name, your graphics or your colors, your quotes or blog posts. But you feel like… changing. And it feels SO wrong at this point! Right?

Actually, you should be afraid of stagnation.


The truth is – people get used to things, true. But they’re also getting excited whenever something new happens. So your business changes can actually lead to something amazing! Let’s take for an example something as boring as TV advertisements. You’ve seen them gazillion times, but they’re still running in the background whenever your TV is on. Again, again and again. You’re so used to them that you sing along with their songs and know each little trick they’ve used. And then… something new! Something you’ve never seen or heard before. That’s the moment when you get out of your hypnotic state of mind and actually turn your head – what’s THAT?!

As silly as this example was, the same goes for any business changes. The truth is – good branding is great, following your schedules, guidelines and strategies is great. But nothing lives forever.

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Look at it from the other point of view: people will be bored from the same old you. If you feel like you’ve been in this skin for way too long, most likely, someone else thinks so too and even more, people haven’t really thought about it yet but would totally agree.



Do you hate your banners? Are you tired of the same blog post days? Your advertisements don’t feel right anymore or, the hell, you just HATE your Twitter picture (that everyone loves SO much)?!

It’s time to start some changes!

Yes, most of the serious business decisions take a lot of time. If you’re willing to make complete rebranding, you will drive yourself crazy. Maybe you can go for it, but in the same time – maybe that’s not what you need. You can start with the smallest things – change one color to another, change one font or one photo, change one template or literally anything else. Even the smallest changes can give a huge impact!

Start out small, with whatever works best for you. If there’s a new idea you want to implement, if there’s a blog schedule change you want to make or you’d like to start sending out more frequent newsletters with better graphics – it’s totally doable! Start there and see where it goes.

If this triggers some great feelings in you, amazing! Continue what you’ve started and get done with the next thing, whether it happens the same day or the next month. If this experience was scary for you and you’re not so sure how you feel about it, that’s also good. Now you know that you should wait more or prepare more before any bigger changes happen.

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Ok, now you’re asking – how will this work!? And it’s actually super simple. You will get back the initial joy about whatever you do. And you will feel like doing more and doing it better.

To be honest, you will feel like newborn.

Something fresh, exciting and new, whether it’s small or big, gives an AMAZING energy boost to everyone. You will be more excited to present yourself, you will have new ideas flowing in and new motivation to do better. That definitely leads to more clients, better blog statistics and more amazing projects to work with!


Have you ever thought that maybe someone doesn’t really like your business because of what you think they should love – your branding, your way of writing or your website layout. At some point, it doesn’t really matter because you’re not a five dollar bill – you can’t like everyone! But, hey, maybe there’s more than one person who could feel like this and rebranding would boost their interest in your business?

Besides that, just like those new commercials on the TV, you’ll be more visible to those who are already not paying enough attention to you. They’ll notice you and your business as something new and exciting or will understand that something has changed and will be interested to check it out.


  1.  You shouldn’t be afraid of business changes. You should be aware of what stagnation can do to your business!
  2. Your business needs changes for others to see it with a new pair of eyes;
  3. People CAN get bored from all the same old. Bring them something new!
  4. Start out small and see where it goes. There’s no need to do full rebranding right away. 
  5. Be confident in what you do and you’ll succeed!

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