Why Boardbooster is better than Tailwind

Why Boardbooster is better than Tailwind

I’ve talked a lot about how much I love Pinterest and how easy it is to get a decent amount of traffic on this platform. There’s a neverending discussion which one of the Pinterest scheduling tools – Tailwind or Boardbooster – is better. So today I’m here to share my thoughts on why Boardbooster is better than Tailwind!

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Both Tailwind and Boardbooster are Pinterest scheduling tools that help you to be active on this platform through the whole day, on many boards at once. And both of them offer various additional features as well.

Just to be fair – I’ve used both. And I do prefer Boardbooster because of several reasons. Here they are!

Why Boardbooster is better than Tailwind

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Why Boardbooster is better than Tailwind

REASON #1 Tribes

First of all, for a long time Tailwind was the only scheduling tool with Tribes which was their special thing. Now for a good while already Boardbooster have their own tribes as well. And I have to say – they’re WAY BETTER.

How do Boardbooster tribes work?

  • First, you have to find relevant tribes to join. You can just check the tribe directory. It’s possible to see how many members and followers there are + review some sample pins, just to make sure the tribe is relevant to you.
  • Afterward, the tribe’s approval is necessary. Tribe members will vote – whether or not you can join. They can preview your Pinterest profile and understand what kind of a content you’re sharing. Therefore, remember to join only RELEVANT tribes.
  • Once you’re accepted, you’ll receive this information in your email. Then you can upload your pins to the tribe.
  • KEEP IN MIND: For each tribe, you’ll have a specific number of pins you can upload. Usually, it’s anything between 12 and 20 pins per tribe. This means that only these specific pins will be repinned. If you want to add more – another pin will have to be deleted.
  • Along with uploaded pins, you also have to choose a Board (or several of them) you’ll want to repin pins from this group to. In each Tribe, there’ll be different rules on how many pins you have to repin. Usually, it’s 2-3 pins per tribe/a day. Since you won’t be able to choose which pins to repin – make sure to choose your own board that’ll be relevant to the pins that’ll get repinned from the group. I hope it makes any sense 🙂 You can just as well create a new Board for these specific pins from this group board.
  • The rest is automated! Once all pins are uploaded and everything is set up, you don’t need to do anything to keep the process going.

Why Boardbooster tribes are better than Tailwind??

My success with Boardbooster tribes was I N S T A N T. I mean it! First, you have to join the tribe and wait when it’ll approve you. It can take around a week. Even if you don’t have any Boardbooster plan just yet, you can apply for tribes and wait for the approval. But as soon as your pins are in the tribe – they get instant repins. Here’s a quick insight into how my stats grew within a month. From 100K to 300K+ within 30 days. Overall growth was by 118% for monthly viewers & 123% for monthly engagement!!

Why Boardbooster is better than Tailwind

For Tailwind – after the trial month, I still had only several people coming in from the tribes. Even when tribes were unlimited…

  • This is what makes Boardbooster better than Tailwind – tribe members have an obligation to SHARE your pins on their boards. If they don’t share – they don’t stay in the tribe.
  • Besides that, all of the pins uploaded in the tribe get an equal amount of the attention since people in the tribe can’t choose which pins to repin – it happens automatically.
  • Oh, and another one, look at those follower numbers!!!
  • + There is no limitation on how many Tribes you can join.

Why Boardbooster is better than Tailwind


REASON #2 More budget-friendly

This might not apply to everyone and all plans but in general – Boardbooster is more budget-friendly than Tailwind.

You can get started with $5 for 500 pins. It definitely won’t be enough for the long run. On average, you should start with, at least, $15 for 1500 monthly pins. From there, you can grow as necessary.

Why Boardbooster is better than Tailwind

Here’s how my repinned content sums up:

  • I’m on around 12 Tribes and in each, I share around 2 pins daily. Therefore, it’s 24 pins per day, around 600 pins per month (on average).
  • Besides that, I have a Campaign – it pins 1-2 pins per day on all group boards I’m in (not Tribes but group boards in Pinterest). I’m on 30 group boards and regularly share on, at least, 20. Therefore it’s 40 pins per day, 280 pins per week, 1120 pins per month. A LOT. I know.

So 1500 – 2000 pin plan works perfectly and, as you can see, I share A LOT.

Tailwind costs $15 for 400 pins monthly which is never enough. It costs $10 for unlimited pins monthly but only, if paid annually. While this seems like a great deal – starters rarely want to pay this in full right away… Besides that, it still limits your participation to only 10 tribes, 80 pins per month in all. Do you see the problem here? You have to pay MORE for more tribes and more pins per tribe. Not cool.

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REASON #3 Many great features

Another reason why Boardbooster is better than Tailwind is rather simple – it has many great features!

Tailwind is considered as the kind of the stats. But Boardbooster offers just as many options to check your stats! And there are several more amazing features.

Option to choose how long to wait until any pin is repeatedly pinned

To avoid duplicate content, you can set up how often one pin can get re-used for the same board, same tribe or campaign.

Campaigns & Scheduler

What’s the difference?

In Campaigns, you can choose either pins or boards from which you can repin to other boards. This works perfectly with group boards.

For example, I’ve chosen around 30 pins of mine that get repinned on 20 group boards, 1-2 pins per day per board. Boardbooster controls how often one pin is repeated (amazing!) so I don’t duplicate my content all the time and all boards get the same amount of various pins. I can put out an unlimited number of pins on boards and choose whatever number of tribes to pin to. Works out perfectly!

I can also set up various campaigns for various needs of mine. For example, choose specific Blogging pins and repin them to specific Blogging Group Boards.

So what is a Scheduler?!

A Scheduler is another amazing tool which could request a bit more of your time but can be absolutely worth it if you have specific pinning needs.

First, you have to create boards that’ll be created on your Pinterest (as Secret so no one but you will see them). On each board, you can upload specific content. For example, I can have boards, “Home“, “Food” and “Fitness“.

Afterward, you can assign each of these boards for any specific board you want to repin this content to. This is a rather similar option to Campaign, you can just be even more specific with what & where needs to get repinned.

I have to say tho – those Secret boards, especially, if many, can get really unpractical really fast… So I prefer to stick with Campaigns!

Other great features:

  • See your group board stats
  • Check what’s the best time to pin for more repins
  • Find out your viral pins


In a nutshell…

Don’t get afraid of Boardbooster’s rather bad design and offsetting looks. Yes, at first, I didn’t want to use it just because of that! But once I got started and learned how to get things done and what’s what – it all was a smooth sailing from there.

So, after all, why Boardbooster is better than Tailwind? It’s easy to use, requests only a tiny bit of a maintenance and tribes really can skyrocket your website’s traffic. And all of that – for a very budget-friendly and entirely flexible offer!

Don't get afraid of Boardbooster's rather bad design and offsetting looks. Once you learn how to get things done and what's what - it all was a smooth sailing from there. Click To Tweet


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