Welcome to The Random Passion project,

My name is Ieva & I’m the author of the place you’ve landed on 🙂

In short, The Random Passion project is created to drive your passion and show you how to create various online income streams to live location independent lifestyle. If any of this sounds interesting to you, you’ve come to the right place!


The mission of therandomp.com

This project is created to help all new and aspiring digital nomads, freelancers and location independents to find their path on this crazy journey. When you’re just starting out, it’s an insanely hard task to keep up with everything that’s going on, with all the resources online world provides and to actually understand what the hell are you doing.

That’s exactly where The Random Passion project comes in. This is a place where you can find inspiration, motivation, suggestions and ideas. Here are just some of the features you can already see here or will see in a close future:


How it all started… 

I’m a freelance graphic designer myself and you can read my full story over here. When I started freelancing I instantly knew – this is SO me! I loved everything about this lifestyle. Later on, I explored digital nomadism and it was the moment when it hit me again – I loved it! I was lucky to have tons of time to learn everything on my own and work my way up without a rush but not everyone has this privilege.

I know many aspiring freelancers, nomads and location independent creatives who have this urge to start doing something.  But they have more excuses than motivation. You can wish for something but it won’t happen just because it’s on your mind…

So I decided to work on my own passion project and actually give out everything I know, help those who are just starting their careers as freelancers or nomads, gather as much interesting and fun information I know to actually let everyone know – you CAN do this! And I’m here to help you!

In my mission statement, I have already mentioned that the main point of this website is for you to get inspired and motivated. To actually see how other people are doing things and how you can do them as well. I’m always happy to chat with those who are interested in the field but have no idea what to do. I love exploring experiences of other nomads and freelancers. I enjoy writing about my own experiences and thing I have learned. So this, The Random Passion project, is THE place for all of this to be gathered!


It’s time to introduce myself! 

My name is Ieva (with “I” like in “hi”), and sometimes I do feel like my mission is to tell the world how my name is actually spelled instead of Leva…

You can read more about me in my Digital Nomad story. Other than that… Well… There’s not much to share. I love what I do! Besides that, I enjoy talking and connecting with new people. The design is my passion but so is digital nomadism. I love, LOVE, LOOOOOOOOVE traveling and living abroad. My paradise looks like an empty beach (so cliche, I know) with a book and sun shining all over the place. I enjoy writing. I usually have way too many ideas and lack of time management skills. I enjoy helping new freelancers and aspiring digital nomads. I can talk about the same topics – freelancing and nomadism – for hours. And hours. And hours. I’ll be happy to chat with you more anytime! 🙂

Connect with me: 

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