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I’m restless and this is the third time in the past six+ months when I’ve done rebranding. This is the story about why I did it and why this could be (or not) the last time.

REBRANDING is a rough thing to do. It’s a great process if you’re a designer yourself or you feel good about whatever your doing in Squarespace / WordPress and so on (and you’re not getting into codes). It’s enjoyable to ”refresh” or even ”restart” whatever you’re doing and create it in completely different light, show other (and hopefully – better) part of you and your business.

REBRANDING is something big businesses do once in a lifetime, smaller ones – once in a while or doesn’t do at all. 


It always happens totally spontaneously. Whenever I have an idea, I try to implement it as fast as I can. Yes, sometimes there is this ”time to think”, but usually there is not. I get inspiration and I go for it. 

But this time was different. Something hit me. Not a car, not a bird or whatever. It was something that just woke me up and at the same moment I knew that I have to do that and do that for real this time. 

My rebranding was not meant to be only change of colors. It was meant for everything I was doing: the way I communicated, the way I wrote e-mails, my design processes, things I read and things I conceive.

See, the thing is – ever since I got into blogging and Twitter and everything that’s drifting around it (including my business) I’ve been reading a lot of ”HOW TO”. How to make people read your blog, how to gain followers, how not to pin things and how to pin them, how, how, how… And I experimented a lot. I was interested to implement those ideas, so I can just check them out myself.

And somewhere, along the way, everything I did became like one big ”HOW TO” edition by me. 

Not cool. And at that moment, at that day I suddenly knew – I just have to do those things my way.

I have thought about it earlier. I have never been person who’s interested in other people opinions (if we’re talking about me doing what I love), and it has always been important for me to stay myself in whatever I do. And my true self doesn’t believe in things like Twitter hastags (eww, like how much more attention could you ask for?!), ‘community’ in social media (there’s real world out there, riiiiight?), fact that numbers count and you have to spend hours to improve them… And things like that. (Don’t get me wrong – they’re are true, pretty much, I just don’t want to build my brand around it). 


That was the moment when I decided to get back to basics. What were the things I loved to do when started out? What are the things I’m willing to do from now on? What for me seems the coolest way to present myself (despite the fact that ”in theory” it could be as well the worst). 

I remembered that most important thing would be to do the job. 

(Shocker, right?) I started graphic design because I Ioved it. Now most of my time is spent for things like social media and I’m never creating my own design projects just because, as I used to. Time flies by while I’m pinning things and researching what could be shared. I waste a lot of time for things that aren’t my biggest passion (but still could be done in normal amounts of time). But I wanted to create! Put passion into something that is mine. 

Therefore I came up with the Freelancer & Digital nomad tribe. And you can join us any time! First newsletter went out this week and this project really is like my child so far. I’m trying to take the best care of it I can. 


Because of this list and all of those great things I was willing to do in the future, I decided to get rid of all my truly beloved (or not so) ways to advertise and get into that in a bit different and personal way.

I decided to look through all of my Twitter follower list, see who might like an option to join it and wrote them personal invitation to do so. I looked through their latest tweets, their interests (yeah, sounds a bit creepy, I know) and get to know each one of them.  That was a great research for myself to know – what kind of people are interested in what I’m doing, who I haven’t paid attention enough to and what I can learn from then. And, hell yeah, that was a great way to promote! Haven’t received that many subscriptions for any other project so far.


Yes, your brand is something you can be known by, therefore brands are created BEFORE something really big happens. Branding is one of the main things for successful and recognizable bussiness. Branding is important. Yes, yes, yes.

BUT. It’s all about you. You are the owner and creator, you are the one building your brand and living with it day by day. Is it worth to be unhappy, but noticable? I don’t think so. It’s not working for me and shouldn’t be working for you either. You should be proud about your brand at all times. Yes, it’s better to be clear about your vision and 100% sure about what will make you happy. It saves up a lot of time, believe me! But whenever you start to feel doubtful, rebranding is worth consideration! Not always it will be necessary, but you can still keep it as an option. 


So at this point I seem pretty happy about where I am. I will shake off all of that ”this is the only right way to do things” impression about how things work and do it my way. Stay tuned!

Are you willing to be a successful freelancer? Join my Freelancer & Digital nomad tribe to learn and grow with us!

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