Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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Why I don’t use Instagram for my business

By this day it is well-known fact that Instagram is a game changer (basically - just like any other social media) since we all have a tendency to like visual things, we like Instagram, we like Pinterest and the rest of social media with photos, many, many photos. What's the story behind why I don't use Instagram for my business?

When is the right time to quit your business?

Just like ''big girls don't cry'' - quitting is not an option. Or is it? We've all been there at some point when we're not succeeding in a thing we've spent our nights for or something that's been our biggest dream ever since kindergarten is not quite working. How to know when it's actually time to give up instead of continuing?

What to do when your business is stuck

Whenever you are graphic designer, video editor, freelancer or state worker, living in the city or countryside, young or old, everyone of...

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Is digital nomadism always a story of success?

After reading tons of inspirational stories on Medium, seeing happy photos on Instagram or reading excited Facebook updates, many of you may wonder -...

Social media management for starters

"We don't have a choice on whether we do social media. The question is: how well we do it?” — Erik Qualman

Are you looking forward to building a powerful social media presence from a scratch?

Most honest Squarespace vs WordPress review:: Real-time experiment

How is this post going to be different from all of the other posts where there's a comparison of WP vs SS (for example, my own, right here)? Easy! This is NOT a comparison. It's just a real-time experiment: what are my struggles, what I like and dislike,  what are the problemsI face, how I feel on both of these platforms. If you're just starting your career and you're making a decision about which platform to choose for website creation, I'm here for you!

New beginning: The Random Passion project

Therandomp is going through changes and here's the story want to share!

What I did with my old content to bring in new...

Guess what, I got more than 50% traffic increase within a week by writing no new blog posts. How? By finding a use to my old content and bringing it back to life! Read on to know exact steps I did to grow my blog statistics.

What to do in Facebook groups + Group guide

If you're a creative entrepreneur of any kind, being a part of a Facebook group is a trend. But what's the point if you really have no idea what you should do there and how can it help you? Here's a simple guide on how to get successful with Facebook groups. 

Honest review + List of amazing FB groups included!