Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Which platform to choose for your website: Squarespace vs WordPress

There are many discussions about which platform to choose - Squarespace vs Wordpress? I've been through both and experienced their bright and upsetting parts,...

Grow your blog with affiliate programs: here’s how & why

I felt strong disgust to word ''affiliate'' for a loooooong time. I thought it's a lot like ''click on ads and gain million!'' or something as simple as ''share as many ads as you can & never work again!''. In other words: useless. Until I dug a bit deeper. So here's an insight for you, including some great affiliate offers to join! 

Learn to manage your Social media like a pro

When starting your own online business or dreaming about starting it one day, you quickly realize: social media will be a big part of your online presence. That's the moment when you should understand how to properly use all SM options to grow your business! 

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WordPress themes for starters: how they work and how to choose...

It's time to talk about Wordpress themes for starters! Are you planning to build your website but a topic "Wordpress themes" gives you chills?...

Is your creative business stuck? Here’s what you can do!

At some point, everyone of us is experiencing that moment in life (and more importantly - in work) when somehow... you've got nothing to...

Is digital nomadism always a story of success?

After reading tons of inspirational stories on Medium, seeing happy photos on Instagram or reading excited Facebook updates, many of you may wonder -...

Social media management for starters

"We don't have a choice on whether we do social media. The question is: how well we do it?” — Erik Qualman

Are you looking forward to building a powerful social media presence from a scratch?

Most honest Squarespace vs WordPress review:: Real-time experiment

How is this post going to be different from all of the other posts where there's a comparison of WP vs SS (for example, my own, right here)? Easy! This is NOT a comparison. It's just a real-time experiment: what are my struggles, what I like and dislike,  what are the problemsI face, how I feel on both of these platforms. If you're just starting your career and you're making a decision about which platform to choose for website creation, I'm here for you!

New beginning: The Random Passion project

Therandomp is going through changes and here's the story want to share!